We drive Polish electromobility
and build a green future.

We are the first-choice partner in the field of electromobility technology and in the energy storage market. Our portfolio includes but is not limited to drive systems, energy storage, and related design services.

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We are a part of Assay Group!

Assay Group has become an investment fund thanks to the successful outcome of the KNF (Polish Financial Supervision Authority) proceedings, which included a detailed and in-depth analysis of the company’s investment policies and strategy. The entry into the KNF (Polish Financial Supervision confirms the highest standards of service, full transparency and high level of security for investors. As a fund, we act on the basis of an investment and targeting model, which is rare on the Polish market, i.e. a combination of an investment entity with full, „incubator” cooperation.

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Elimen designs drive systems that can be used in cars, buses, public services vehicles (waste collection vehicles, road sweepers), mining and building industries, boats and ships, military applications, sports cars and specialised cars. Our technological solutions are tested on Rallycross circuits. We provide finished products and design new ones. Contact us to customise your design.

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Energy storage

Elimen designs both small-size, domestic energy storages, and large-size container solutions for industry, solar farms and wind farms, and for developers. We also design storage solutions for electromobility. Our projects that can be successfully used in PV systems of various power output, allowing for maximum utilisation of energy from renewable sources, can be found below.

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Design services

Based on our experience, in our relations with clients, we are open and solve problems in a constructive manner. We have long-lasting experience gained during the execution of projects for electromobility companies. We execute both small projects covering simple drives or equipment with regard to power electronics and extensively developed drive or storage systems requiring the application of advanced technologies or integration with the existing infrastructure.

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