The modular storage structure allows you to configure the capacity and power output outside from 50kW to 1GW.

The rated voltage of the unit energy storage does not exceed 400V DC.

The energy storage design consists of 3 battery blocks for independent operation of each of them – which ensures increased reliability of the solution in the event of a failure. The energy storage is prepared to work with a load not exceeding 50kW of power, the device is prepared to work with the instantaneous starting loads of the equipment, which is important when there are devices in the electrical installation of the building that need more power at start-up (*).

The energy storage is prepared to work with a load not exceeding 50kW of power, the device is prepared to work with the instantaneous starting loads of the equipment, which is important when there are devices in the electrical installation of the building that need more power at start-up (*). Elimen Energy storage is used for off-grid operation where the energy source can be a photovoltaic installation and/or a computer-controlled power generator. The use of the solution with the power generator eliminates the problems of operation of the generator under low loads and – the generator is switched on only when it can operate under a rated load and at the highest efficiency of the system. Thanks to this, the cost of 1kWh of electricity from the generator will be significantly lower – which is important under changing load conditions, e.g. at night on the construction site, the security building can be powered by batteries and the fuel consumption of the generator will drop even several times.

The energy storage can operate with a load of up to 50kW – providing exemplary performance under optimal conditions at the set power received until the battery is discharged:

  • power received 50kW continuously = power guarantee up to 1 hour
  • continuously received power 25kW = power guarantee up to 2 hours
  • power received 10kW continuously = power guarantee up to 5 hours
  • 5kW continuously received power = power guarantee up to 10 hours
  • 2kW continuously charged power = power guarantee up to 25 hours

A 50kW power unit is able to charge up to 100% of the energy storage within 1 hour. In the case of average energy consumption when working on a construction site at 10kW during the working day, the estimated operating time of the generator will be about 1.5h. In the event of an increase in energy demand, the generator will only be switched on under conditions where it can operate at a power that ensures optimum fuel utilization (max efficiency and not idling, where most of the fuel is not converted into energy but into heat and exhaust).


Control over battery operation is based on the technologically advanced BMS (Battery Management System) responsible for the implementation of functions such as:

  • control of the safe operating voltage of all cells in the system
  • control of the safe temperature of the cells measured in many places of the battery pack structure
  • control of the charging current and discharge of the battery pack
  • communication with a photovoltaic inverter

The BMS system provides the possibility of integrating (communicating) with any photovoltaic inverter adapted to work with energy storage (**)

Unlike many solutions available on the market, ELIMEN BMS provides intelligent battery control. It is not just an analog device responsible for emergency shutdown of the power supply in the event of deep discharge or overcharge of the battery. This is crucial for the safe usage and preserving maximum service life of the battery cells. The BMS is based on microprocessor technology, it continuously monitors the operating conditions of the entire energy storage and enables its full diagnostics. It is possible to monitor the energy storage with computer / application.

The overarching function is exercised by the controller, which is to work in conditions dedicated to mobile solutions (used in advanced electrical installations of vehicles and performance boats) – resistant to vibration and changes in weather conditions associated with transport. This controller performs a supervisory function (e.g. implementation of security for island work / control of the inclusion of the unit if such is provided for working with the energy storage / data logging / implementation of service functions).


Energy storage can be used under conditions such as:

  • for storage and commissioning of energy through hybrid inverters for photovoltaic installations / farms
  • with DC/AC drives as a source of guaranteed power supply (e.g. construction, cateringfacilities, refrigeration facilities, hospitals, catering facilities and shops, power supply of RTV equipment and computers in the home and office)
  • single-phase and three-phase machine drives

The energy storage can provide emergency power in the event of a power outage and as a completely independent off-grid power supply in a place where there is no energy infrastructure.

When using an installed DC/AC converter, Elimen Modulare Energy Storage can be a portable energy source providing access to electricity (230V AC or 3x400V AC) used in:

  • tourist facilities (campsites),
  • housing estates as emergency or guaranteed power,
  • temporary facilities (battlefield facilities, construction, natural disaster events, during repair work to power machinery and equipment and in many other situations).

The overarching energy storage driver software allows you to integrate multiple storage facilities into a single, scalable solution for up to 1GW of power.

Technical data

Dimensions / weight:

The energy storage has a modular structure and can consist of a minimum of 1 module and a maximum of 20 modules of 50kWh each.

The dimension of an individual module is enclosed in the space of 2438mm x 2200mm x 2260mm and can be transported entirely inside 10ft and larger sea containers.

Specification of the container used as an energy storage structure:

  • Capacity: 9.95 m3 / 3 europallets,
  • External size: length 2438 mm, width 2200 mm, height 1949 mm
  • Internal size: length 2284 mm, width 2112 mm, height 2059mm,
  • Door opening: width 2106 mm, height 1949 mm,
  • Container weight: 950 kg,
  • Payload: 5.050 kg,
  • Material: Corten steel,
  • Floor: Plywood 28mm thick.

Single module weight:

Electrical data:

AC Side
Clamps L1, L2, L3
Voltage UAC3 x 400 V (-15%, +10%)
Frequency50 Hz
Rated Current IIN78 A
DC side
clamps DC+, DC-
Rated power50 kW
Voltage UDC50..500 VDC
Current IDC0..125 ADC
Isolation AC/DCYES
SecurityShort-circuitShort-circuit on the input and output of the system
AC OvercurrentTemporary value 3,0 IN
DC OvercurrentTemporary value 2.0 IDC-MAX
AC Overvoltage1,15 UAC
AC Undervoltage0,85 UAC
Thermal securityHeatsink temperature sensor