Main features of Elimen BMS are focused on guarding lithium-Ion battery pack against extreme conditions:

Under Temperature

Elimen electronic system calculates the life of a battery pack to safely utilize stored energy by vehicle or energy storage to get the user unattended and safe non-bothering usage managing power delivery and charging of your device.

State of Charge
State of Health
State of Function
Charge/Discharge power limits

The Elimen Battery Management System is a revolution in lithium ion battery protection, tested in the toughest conditions of the rallycross race track. Full featured Elimen BMS is specifically designed to meet the tough requirements of managing and protecting lithium ion battery packs for electric vehicles (EV) and other applications. Elimen designed a scalable system that does all to get the best experience from an electric vehicle for the user and most diagnostic data to the vehicle manufacturer with Over the air on-line access and firmware updates. Battery Management System microMaster control unit gathers all the measurements from BMS slave modules and central battery pack Current Sensor.

Up to customer needs there will be available different sizes of BMS slave measurement modules for different customer applications. Also we can seamlessly bring ELIMEN BMS ecosystem to custom-fit PCB design to Manufacturers battery packs.

Contact the R & D department for Your custom needs.

Technical data

  • Operating temp.: –40°C to +80°C;
  • Supply Voltage (DC): 9V – 32V;
  • Dimensions: μMaster 64,90 x 85,39 mm, Slave: 97,67 x 109,22 mm
  • Weight: μMaster 100 g, Slave: 100 g
  • Interfaces: CAN v2.0 A/B, USB, RS-232, Digital I/O, Analog, proprietary serial interface for cell communication;
  • USB power supply data line transient/overvoltage protection: 5 VDC;
  • RS232 interface transceiver: ADM202E;
  • USB/RS232 interface baud rate: 57.6kbps;
  • USB/RS232 interface data bits: 8 bits;
  • Warranty: 2 years

Compatible chargers, inverters:


Contact the R & D department for Your custom needs.