BLDC 160mm series: 11-15kW Motor family – BLDC motors

BLDC motors are also known as electronically commutated motors (ECM or EC) or DC synchronous motors. As compared to conventional direct current options, this type of low-voltage motor has high performance, reduced size, and significantly increased reliability.

BLDC brushless motor

Elimen brushless motors are designed for heavy-duty applications where compact size, high efficiency, and great overload capacity are crucial. The key advantage of these motors is considerably higher durability, and reliability obtained owing to the elimination of brushes. As a result, the only motor components subject to wear and tear are its bearings. Lack of brushes also ensures that an e-motor operates quieter and has higher energy efficiency. What is more, the design of the BLDC motors allows for the use of tight enclosures — heat from the motor winding is transferred directly through the enclosure. Another advantage of the BLDC motors is the possibility to control rotational speed independently of motor torque.

Low-voltage e-motor – application

The BLDC brushless motor can be used:

  • to convert diesel drives in vehicles and boats;
  • to drive sports or transport vehicles;
  • as a highly efficient generator set.

With a BLDC motor and a good motor controller, an e-car’s range can be increased in an efficient manner by utilising dynamic energy recovery control integrated with the vehicle’s braking system.

Technical data

  • Top-class BLDC synchronous motors are supplied with direct current and are also known as electronically commutated motors.
  • Liquid cooling jacket integrated with the motor enclosure, ensuring good performance in a small light enclosure
  • Rated power 11–15 kW
  • Peak power 30 kW
  • Maximum torque 49 Nm
  • Maximum efficiency 92% and 94%
  • Total enclosure diameter: 160 mm
  • Front-mounted flange: 200 mm (custom fabrication possible)
  • Design resisting 8,000 rpm
  • Maximum speed 3,000–6,000 rpm, depending on stator set-up and supply system voltage
  • Designed to drive small e-vehicles, boats, and small ships; perfectly suitable as a conversion unit to replace ICE motors in vehicles and boats owing to easy and fast operating power and voltage adjustment and availability of various magnetic circuit versions
  • Temperature sensors inside winding