The BLDC motors by ELIMEN are designed for demanding applications where compact size, high efficiency and high overload play a key role. The main advantage of brushless motors is significantly higher durability and reliability resulting from the elimination of brushes from the structure. The only wearing parts of the motor are its bearings. No brushes means quiet motor operation, higher energy efficiency. Structure of BLDC motors allows the use of sealed casings – heat from the motor winding is dissipated directly through the motor housing. Another advantage of BLDC motors is the ability to control the rotational speed almost independently of the motor torque. 

BLDC motors are also known as electronically commutated motors (ECM or EC) or as DC synchronous motors. The winding is fixed in stator and the rotor design is based on permanent magnets.

BLDC motors, compared to conventional DC motors, have much better energy efficiency combined with a reduced size and significantly increased reliability.

You will be able to use the BLDC brushless motor in many interesting projects – for converting internal combustion drives in vehicles and boats, as a drive for sports and transport vehicles, but also as a high-efficiency generator.

Thanks to the BLDC motor and a good engine controller, you will effectively increase the range of the electric vehicle by implementing dynamic control of the energy recuperation system integrated with the vehicle’s braking system.

ELIMEN continues the development of brushless DC motor designs and uses in many applications the compact and functional possibility of integrating a simplified BLDC motor control system and energy storage – including those based on the BMS technology produced by ELIMEN RACING.

Technical data

  • High performance BLDC synchronous motors powered by direct current, also known as electronically commutated motor.
  • Liquid cooled integrated with the motor housing that gives good performance in a small, lightweight package.
  • 11kW-15kW rated power
  • 30kW peak power
  • 49Nm max torque
  • Max efficiency 92% and 94%.
  • Total housing diameter: 160mm
  • Front montage flange: 200mm or customized
  • Design to withstand 8 000 RPM
  • In normal road use automotive conditions may work 3000-6000 RPM max depending on the stator setup and DC voltage.
  • Design to drive small electric vehicles, marine implementations, perfect as conversion unit for replace ICE engines in vehicles and boats.
  • Temperature sensors inside winding.

Available variants: