CAN / (CAN or RS485) Gateway — motor control

The CAN/CAN system has been developed to connect two independent lines, e.g. CAN to CAN or CAN to RS485. It provides the possibility to use individual baud rates on both segments and allows for routing between networks with different baud rates. It also connects CAN 2.0A with 2.0B. The gateway is plugged directly into the DIN rail according to EN 60175 (DIN 35). With this solution, two devices communicating over a rail can cooperate and communicate with each other.

E-motor control

The CAN Gateway system is suitable for electrical equipment and e-vehicles. To discover the capabilities of this solution in detail, refer to the cabling and installation manual (see appendix). It contains any required data concerning the system, its structure and possible applications.

Technical data

Zasilanie pierwotne 12V VDD 11 12 13 V
Zasilanie pierwotne 24V VDD 23 24 25 V
Zasilanie wtórne VDD 9 24 26 V
Pierwotny prąd roboczy Idd 20 40 60 mA
Wtórny prąd roboczy Idd 10 20 30 mA
Napięcie izolacji 2 2 2 kV