CAN/CAN Gateway was created to connect two independent lines such as CAN with CAN or CAN with RS485. It provides capability of having individual baudrates on both segments, enables routing between networks with diverging baudrates, and connects CAN 2.0A with 2.0B. The filtering of single identifiers or ranges of identifiers reduces the busload. Gateway is clipped directly onto the DIN rail according to European standard EN 60175 (DIN 35).

The device was designed for a large number of systems with which will work. The basic software was created as open code with many examples. Additional descriptions allow the customer to create the software according to his needs. It is also possible to create software by Elimen SUPPORT. Please contact us.

Technical data

Primary Power Supply 12VVDD111213V
Primary Power Supply 24VVDD232425V
Secondary Power SupplyVDD92426V
Primary Operating CurrentIdd204060mA
Primary Operating CurrentIdd102030mA
Insulation Voltage222kV