E-Z01 System

E-Z01 is a modular lithium-ion energy storage system keeping surplus energy generated by the PV system for future use. It will then be a great solution for households with a PV system.

Energy can also be directed to a storage system or to a power grid using an inverter. Energy is available on-demand, which can be particularly useful at night or on a cloudy day. With E-Z01, the PV system user becomes more independent from electricity prices and uses its own green current as required.

E-Z01 – key facts

Domestic energy storage E-Z01 gives the possibility to simultaneously connect up to 12 modules with a power of 8.9 kWh. The equipment is provided with a DC relay and a second protection circuit with a battery overcurrent circuit breaker. The storage of 8.9 kWh allows for overvoltage and undervoltage monitoring in each battery cell row. Enclosed in a dual metal housing, the storage has protection against restart after deep discharge or other serious faults.

Technical data

  • High efficiency: 95%;
  • high durability: 5,000 full cycles;
  • high safety of operation;
  • temperature during (cell) discharge: from 2° to 45°C;
  • temperature during (cell) charging: from 2° to 45°C – recommended storage temperature: from 10° to 25°C;
  • energy consumption in standby mode: active mode 5 W / sleep mode 0.126 W;
  • ingress protection: IP21;
  • CE marking: yes;
  • UN 38.3 test: yes;
  • samorozładowywanie ogniw: około 2% na rok,
  • cell self-discharge: approx. 2% per year;
  • high level of discharge: 80% DoD (depth of discharge);