Energy Storage 50 kWh – modular energy storage

An energy storage container consisting of 3 battery blocks ensures independent operation of each block. It guarantees enhanced reliability in the event of failure. This storage is adapted to operate under loads not exceeding 50 kW of fixed power. The equipment is also suitable for operation at instantaneous start-up load, which is important when a building’s electrical system supplies consumers requiring increased power at start-up. The storage’s modular design allows for setting capacity and power output at 50 kW to 1 MW. The rated voltage of a single energy storage does not exceed 400 V DC.

Large-size energy storage for industrial applications

Large-size energy storage is a perfect solution for solar farms not connected to the main grid. Energy storage makes it possible to store and use energy produced by PV panels at a later time. It is then adapted to off-grid operation where a source of energy can be a PV system and/or an energy storage computer-controlled generator set. Application of a solution with a generator set eliminates issues relating to generator operation under low loads — the generator may operate under the rated load and at top system efficiency. With that, the cost of 1 kWh of current generated by the generator set becomes considerably lower, which is essential at variable load conditions.

Domestic energy storage 50 kWh — performance

The energy storage may operate under loads of up to 50 kW while ensuring example performance under optimum conditions and at rated power output until battery discharge:

  • power output 50 kW, continuous = guaranteed power supply up to 1 hour
  • power output 25 kW, continuous = guaranteed power supply up to 2 hours
  • power output 10 kW, continuous = guaranteed power supply up to 5 hours
  • power output 5 kW, continuous = guaranteed power supply up to 10 hours
  • power output 2 kW, continuous = guaranteed power supply up to 25 hours

An example generator set with a power of 50 kW can charge an energy storage container to 100% service capacity during 1 hour. At an average energy consumption during operation in a construction site of 10 kW per working day, the estimated run time of the generator will be approx. 1.5 hour. If energy demand is increased, the generator will be activated only under conditions when it can operate with a power ensuring optimum fuel consumption.

Energy storage container and safety

Battery operation is controlled by an advanced BMS (Battery Management System) responsible for executing such functions as:

  • controlling the safe operating voltage of all cells in a system;
  • controlling the safe temperature of cells measured at numerous points on the battery pack structure;
  • controlling charging and discharge current of the battery pack;
  • communication with PV inverter.

The BMS provides integration (communication) with any PV inverter adapted to operate with energy storage.

Energy storage container and safety

Energy storages can be used in various applications. They are mainly used:

  • to store energy and transfer it to the power grid through hybrid inverters of PV systems / solar farms;
  • as a source of guaranteed power supply (e.g. in hospitals, on construction sites, in food establishments, or stores);
  • in drives of machines with single-phase and three-phase supply.

With a DC/AC converter installed, the energy storage 50 kWh may become a portable source of energy, ensuring access to a power supply (230 V AC or 3×400 V AC) used:

  • in tourist facilities (campsites);
  • in housing estates as an emergency or a guaranteed source of energy;
  • in temporary facilities (battlefield facilities, construction sites, facilities relating to natural disaster events);
  • during overhaul works to power machinery and equipment and in many other applications.

The equipment’s master controller software allows numerous energy storages to be integrated into a single scalable solution with a power of up to 1 MW.

Technical data

Dimensions / weight:

The storage has a modular design. It may consist of 1 to 20 modules, 50 kWh each.

A single module has the following dimensions: 2,438 mm x 2,200 mm x 2,260 mm, and can be transported in 10” and larger maritime containers without dismantling.

Specification of a container used for energy storage:

  • volume: 9.95 m3 / 3 EUR-pallets;
  • external dimensions: length 2,438 mm, width 2,200 mm, height 1,949 mm;
  • internal dimensions: length 2,284 mm, width 2,112 mm, height 2,059 mm;
  • door opening: width 2,106 mm x height 1,949 mm;
  • container weight: 950 kg;
  • payload capacity: 5,050 kg;
  • material: weathering steel;
  • floor: 28 mm thick plywood.

Weight of a single module:

Electrical data:

Strona AC
Zaciski L1, L2, L3
Napięcie UAC 3 x 400 V (-15%, +10%)
Częstotliwość 50 Hz
Prąd znamionowy IIN 78 A
Strona DC
zaciski DC+, DC-
Moc znamionowa 50 kW
Napięcie UDC 50..500 VDC
Prąd IDC 0..125 ADC
Izolacja AC/DC TAK
Zabezpieczenia Zwarciowe Zwarcie na wejściu i wyjściu układu
Nadprądowe AC Wartość chwilowa 3,0 IN
Nadprądowe DC Wartość chwilowa 2.0 IDC-MAX
Nadnapięciowe AC 1,15 UAC
Podnapięciowe AC 0,85 UAC
Termiczne układu Czyjnik temperatury radiatora
Sprawność 95%