Electric Vehicle Permanent Magnet Switched Reluctance traction motors developed for outstanding constant S1 power and torque parameters. Created with most recent magnetic design optimization trends and inventions, magnetic materials technology and our propriate cooling system invention we created a magnetic circuit that is scalable up to your needs.

  • Wide range of implementations
  • Up to 7kW/kg continuous S1 power density
  • S1 max power 360kW / 800VDC @ 52kg weight
  • VR Resolver position sensor – for highest reliability
  • Temperature protection sensors
  • Up to 15 000 RPM
  • ATF6 or 75W140 oil cooled
  • OEM custom gearbox design

For different torque and power demands contact us to customize your needs. Magnetic stack length and winding pattern is chosen, simulated and changed in production to get customer desired parameters. From 150Nm to 900Nm with S1 power varying from 90-500kW.


  • układy napędowe 2WD
  • układy napędowe 4WD
  • ciężkie pojazdy użytkowe: autobusy, zamiatarki uliczne, samochody ciężarowe

Technical data

Motor data:

Nominal Speed565011300RPM
S1 Power (VDC limited)180360kW
S1 torque @ 90*C inp. oil (constant)320300Nm
S1 torque @ 60*C inp. oil (constant)430400Nm
S21torque @ 60*C inp. oil (3min)540500Nm
S1 RMS phase current537 @ 320Nm / 721 @ 430Nm503 @ 300Nm / 671 @ 400NmA
Torque constant0.596Nm/A
Kv – Velocity constant16.05RPM/V
Ke – Back-EMF constant0.0623V/RPM
Efficiency (@S1 Power)98.298.7%
Cos(φ) (@S1 Power)0.940.94
Constant power range5650 to Max. Speed11300 to Max. SpeedRPM
Max. Speed1300 – NSx version
1500 – HSx version
1300 – NSx version
1500 – HSx version
Torque ripple77%

Electrical data:

Number of pole pairs4
Nominal frequency180360Hz
Maximum frequency866 – NSx version1000 – HSx versionHz


Coolant quantity in device1l
Coolant flow rate15l/min
Coolant inlet temperature S1 & S2 power & torque+90°C
Winding temperature at +90°C coolant and S1 & S2 power+115+126°C
Input coolant temp. range-40 to +90°C
Coolant typeATF6 (Dextron 6)

Mechanical data:

Weight without coolant54.2 – xxA 51.5 – xxMkg
IP protectionIP67
Rotor inertia torque0.06kg*m2
VR Resolver & T sensor connectorDEUTSCH AS012-98SN / SOURIAU 8STA01298SN