High Voltage e-Motors (180 kW i 36High Voltage Performance e-Motor controllers

A dual controller is used for torque vectoring two e-motors installed on one axle and an inverter for one e-motor in an affordable version.

E-Motor controller — application

The e-Motor controller will be a perfect solution for:

  • two-wheel drive vehicles;
  • four-wheel drive vehicles;
  • public heavy vehicles: buses, road sweepers, trucks;
  • construction, mining, military industries;
  • motorsports;
  • yachting;
  • retrofitting.

E-Motor controller – functionalities

The e-Motor controller manages one e-motor or two e-motors. Our controller stands out mainly by:

  • 2x CANBUS redundant communication;
  • CAN2 for a vehicle control body unit and BMS;
  • CAN3 for secure communication between axles;
  • redundant DSPs for each inverter;
  • SIMULINK programming environment for traction control algorithm;
  • preparation for ASIL-D safety certification on the final vehicle;
  • resolver, encoder and inlet temperature sensors;
  • ready-to-use ECUMASTER PMU/ADU/GPS/IMU integration;
  • Torque Vectoring application in 4WD and 2WD vehicles;
  • a DSP for motor and traction control for each motor.

Elimen’s range includes e-motor controllers in several variants. Currently we provide the following models:

  • 2x180kW INV2181-503A400V — a dual controller for torque vectoring;
  • 1x180kW INV1181-503A400V — a single controller;
  • 2x360kW INV2361-560A800V — a dual controller for torque vectoring;
  • 1x360kW INV1361-560A800V — a single controller.

Technical data

Electrical data:

Nominal VDC 400 V
Maximum VDC 500 V
Minimum VDC V
S1 RMS phase current 503 A
S2 RMS phase current (peak) 670 A
Efficiency (@S1 Power & 10kHz) 98.5 %
Max Motor Power 180 kW
Switching frequency 10 – 20 kHz
Maximum output frequency 1000 Hz
Resolver interface 10 kHz, 7VAC, Tr: 0.286, 120 Ohm
Gearbox temperature sensors BOSH 0 280 130 026
Motor temperature sensors B57045K 103K


Coolant quantity in device 0.3 l
Coolant flow rate for each inverter 10 l/min
Input coolant temp. range -40 to +90 °C
Maximum power module temperature +175 °C
Coolant inlet max fluid temperature for S1 & S2 power rating +90 °C
Coolant type Water + Glycol 50%/50%

Mechanical data:

Weight without coolant 14 kg
Coolant flow rate for each inverter IP67
Input coolant temp. range SOURIAU 8STA02041SN mating with: SOURIAU 8STA62041PN / DEUTSCH AS620-41PN
Maximum power module temperature M8 bolt connector at DC input M6 bolt connector at phases