The 3.5 kWh ELIMEN Energy Storage with a modular structure allows to combine modules into 3.5 kWh to 14 kWh

  • The TYP1 module with a rated capacity of 3.5kWh.
  • The TYP2 module with a rated capacity of 7kWh.
  • The TYP3 module with a rated capacity of 10.5 kWh.
  • The TYP4 module with a rated capacity of 14.0kWh.

If necessary, it is also possible to combine 14kWh warehouses into larger groups.

The energy storage is developed to work with a continuous load of 1C (3.5kW for the capacity of 3.5kWh / 7kW for 7kWh / 14kW for 14kWh) and a momentary load of 2C, which is important when in the electrical installation of the building are devices that need more power at startup (*).

The energy storage is monitored by a technologically advanced Battery Management System (BMS) responsible for:

  • control of safety-oriented working voltage of all cells in the system
  • safety-oriented cell temperature control, measured in many places in the battery pack structure
  • charging and discharging current control of the battery pack
  • communication with the photovoltaic inverter.

The BMS system enables integration (communication) with almost any PV inverter adapted to work with energy storage (**).

Unlike many solutions available on the market, ELIMEN BMS provides intelligent battery control. It is not just an analog device responsible for the emergency shutdown of the power supply in the event of deep discharge or overcharge of the battery. This is crucial for safe usage and preserving the maximum service life of the battery cells. The BMS is based on microprocessor technology, continuously monitors the operating conditions of the entire energy storage, and enables its full diagnostics. It is possible to monitor the energy storage with computer/application.

Dimensions / weight

Single module size: 350mm x 700mm x 80mm.

Single module weight: <20kg

Mounting method

Owing to the ELIMEN Energy Storage compact design, the battery pack can be installed with the docking station supplied with the main unit, on the wall (in the garage/utility room). This method of installation reduces the risk of flooding or unauthorized person access (kids) and minimizes the space needed to install the device.


ELIMEN Energy Storage can be integrated to work with devices such as:

  • hybrid inverters for photovoltaic installations
  • DC / AC converters – a source of guaranteed power supply (e.g. as a supply for central heating, refrigeration equipment in restaurants and shops, the power supply of appliances and computers at home and office)
  • drives for single-phase and three-phase machines

ELIMEN Energy Storage can be used as a portable energy source that provides electricity (230V AC or 3x400V AC) used in campers, during renovation works, or in other situations. The list of devices with which ELIMEN Energy Storage cooperates is constantly being expanded (***).

* Ask our experts – the right choice of the inverter will be crucial for safe and efficient use of energy storage.

** Ask our experts for details – a list of inverters cooperating with ELIMEN Energy Storage is constantly growing

*** The BMS monitoring ELIMEN Energy Storage is designed and manufactured by ELIMEN. It can be integrated with any PV inverter, which can cooperate with energy storage. For some devices, it may be necessary to obtain a communication protocol specification to ensure safe operation.

Technical data

Nominal Voltage48,1 V (192,4 V optional)48,1 V (192,4 V optional)48,1 V (192,4 V optional)
NominalCapacity> 3,3 kWh> 6,6 kWh> 13,2 kWh
FunctionalCapacity3,0 kWh6,0 kWh12 kW
Max Continous Discharge Power3,0 kWh6,0 kWh12 kW
PeakDischargePower (15 sec)5,0 kW10,0 kW20,0 kW
Intelligent BMS (Battery Management System)YESYESYES
Active cel balancingYESYESYES
Communication interfaceCAN (RS485 optional)CAN (RS485 optional)CAN (RS485 optional)
Lifetime (70% capacity retenction ratio)>2000 cycles>2000 cycles>2000 cycles