Design services

Our engineers have long-lasting experience in designing drive systems, e-motors, controllers, electrical equipment, and software. We provide a wide range of design services and end-to-end design documentation drawn up by professionals. Our portfolio is a response to various needs of the clients, legal requirements, and market expectations in terms of innovative, flexible applications and proven technologies.

We also offer engineering consultations, including, among others, defining design assumptions and criteria as well as creating product prototypes — including testing, assessment, and preparation of documentation.

We have no fear of new challenges!

Range of design

We develop designs of electronic devices and software. To develop a design of an electronic device, we usually start with drawing up a block diagram and making any required calculations and simulations. Then we move to design a wiring diagram and a PCB. Apart from technical and normative matters, during the above works, we also consider requirements regarding production costs or restrictions of the device housing. The effect of the designers’ work is a device prototype and documentation required to implement the system into production.

Our designers have many years of experience in constructing e-motors — both BLDCs (direct current synchronous motors) and high-voltage traction motors with permanent magnets. We provide a wide range of design services and end-to-end design documentation drawn up by professionals. We act from scratch and obtain the effects desired by the clients on the basis of datasheets.

We design drive systems that can be used in cars, buses, public services vehicles (waste collection vehicles, road sweepers), boats and ships, sports cars and specialised cars. Our solutions are suitable, for instance, in the construction, mining, or military industry. We have expertise in designing drive systems allowing the manufacturers of cars, utility vehicles, electrical machines, or mining equipment to reduce fuel consumption, reduce exhaust emissions, speed up installation, and enhance travel comfort and work safety. Our portfolio is a response to various needs of the clients, increasingly stricter legal requirements, and market expectations in terms of innovative, flexible applications and proven platform-based technologies.

Elimen has work stations with utility software installed to make models of light permanent magnets developed by our personnel.

To design a magnet, we take the following steps:

  • Analytical calculations and 3D simulations of magnetic fields.
  • Determination of geometrical limitations and magnetic properties of these elements with magnet manufacturers.
  • Computer-aided 3D design.
  • Drawing up the necessary technical documentation for production purposes.

We offer services in the field of designing, product development, and implementation of solutions, involving cost reduction for the existing products. We create innovative, sustainable, profitability-oriented, and environmentally friendly solutions. With regard to mechanical engineering, we provide such services as:

  • solution analysis;
  • CAD design (3D models and 2D drawings);
  • drawing up and verification of technical documentation;
  • construction and testing.

We are experts in designing lithium-ion batteries (energy storage), drive systems, and heat exchangers (we have our own patents). We also provide advisory and optimisation services as well as complete execution of a project for the client (design, fabrication and installation).

Battery modules designed in our laboratory are always adapted to the client’s individual needs. The aim of our actions is to ensure the best price-performance ratio. Battery costs are a vital budget item in all electromobility designs. Service life and performance of the batteries have a high impact on the profitability and success of the project. While developing and producing batteries, we are not based on brochures, manufacturer’s reputation or feelings. We mainly rely on precise data measured by our team. We believe that this is the only way to manufacture a battery with actual high quality. Our batteries are controlled by the proprietary BMS and are based on analytical data from laboratory measurements, and actions taken in real-time.

We develop solutions for supply systems based mostly on lithium and ion technology which ensures the highest available energy density. Our storage can be a productive source of energy for numerous pieces of equipment: from daily-use electronic devices, through professional power tools and e-vehicles, to large-size energy storage systems used in the industry.

Based on our knowledge, education, and experience, we carry out thermodynamic calculations as well as strength analyses.

If you want to place a non-standard order, contact our research and development department.

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